Anxiety is a right twit.

Believe it or not, there are good things about anxiety as well as bad (stay with me here). We may not realise it at the time in our chaotic thoughts and feelings, but, sometimes we use it as a driver. We can be worried, excited and nervous about day to day things, e.g., meeting new people, sitting an exam, interacting with people, giving a speech etc. All these things that we sometimes think we can’t do, but actually we can. You see, sometimes anxiety makes us more determined to do the things we might find difficult or almost impossible, by using the excitement, fear and nerves as a way of feeling out of our comfort zone and pushing past this, so we feel we’ve achieved something after. Everyone has anxiety at some point in their lives and this is totally normal. We are human and we have fears, feelings and thoughts. When anxiety starts to take over daily tasks in your life or stops you completely from doing things, this is known as General Anxiety Disorder. It mainly stems from fear. You try and negatively predict the future before its had a chance to happen, assuming that it will be a negative experience. The ‘what if?’, ‘what if I fail? What if it all goes wrong? What if I look like an idiot? What if I stumble my words?’ This is the fear..the fear of failing that keeps ringing around in our head, or the thoughts that something could go wrong and not forgetting the ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t’ (We all have these). But what does it feel like to have an anxiety attack? People may experience heart racing, mouth going dry, feeling completely overwhelmed, frustrated, snappy, tense, trembling, sweating and like you can’t breathe, to name a few. It can sometimes feel like you’re in you’re own chaos, like your brain is trying to fight itself and your body is trying to fight for itself. It can be really scary! You tell yourself, no.. convince yourself that you absolutely cannot breathe because your body has tensed up and gone into hyper mode. You can breathe. It’s the easiest thing that we do every second of every day without even thinking about it, but when you’re having an anxiety attack, you lose control of rational thoughts and start thinking that you can’t. You can. You know you can. You’ve just lost all focus of things that make sense, so you have to regain it. A top tip that I like to use sometimes is something that quite a few anxiety sufferers are aware of, it’s like the 5 sense exercise but with 3 things that ‘I can’. In order to focus your breathing, it usually helps to distract from it and concentrate on something else. I like to name 3 things that I can do, e.g. I can cook, I can speak 2 languages and I can drive. I use this to stop my brain thinking that I can’t breathe or I can’t stand up and try and switch my thoughts from negative to positive in order to remind myself that there was life before an anxiety attack and it will be fine after. I also look down at my feet to remind myself that I am grounded. Sometimes, to calm myself down, I sing a song in my head as again, it helps me focus on something simple rather than the chaotic thoughts in my head and the feeling that I’m about to die 🤦🏽‍♀️🙈. These exercises won’t work for everyone, possibly no one but me, but its worth a try if you’re having  anxiety attack or you someone that does. And don’t think that it’s just you that suffers from anxiety, you’re not alone! We have so much to be anxious about in this day and age 🙄🙊


The climb starts..

I’ve come to realise that life can be pretty.. (insert another word for challenging here) shit at times! (Pardon) Whether it’s outside influences, circumstances changing, something happening directly to us or our own choices, it can all seem unfair and just a load of crap! We start feeling a ‘why me?!, What have I ever done?, How will I cope?!’ kinda vibe..Lots of things are out of our control..that’s life! And there’s nothing we can do about that, we can only control how we feel/react to certain things and how we choose to let them affect our future. So I’ve decided to start a blog, (like every other bloody person on the planet!) But mine is going to be way cooler (they all say that too.. honestly!!). Well maybe not cooler, but certainly informative and educational with a hint of sarcasm and the odd bit of honesty. And absolutely no effing ‘b’ word- you know the one that sounds like ‘shut the f**k up if I hear about it one more time I will not be held responsible for my own actions anymore!!’- I think they call it breakfast, or Boris or bovril or something? Yea..bovril..sort of the same thing? A sticky mess, for sure! Not easy to clear up! Anyway, back to the original train of thought, I wanted to start a blog that was easily readable and that was relatable for people suffering from mental health issues, who might know or think they know someone who might need some support and for people who may be going through a really shit time right now and may not fully understand how they’re feeling. It’s hard to find any websites or social media sites that actually explain the symptoms and causes of mental health issues like depression and anxiety, in a non technical term and easily accessible way for all ages. So I thought I’d set up a blog that explains the symptoms and signs of many mental health illnesses and also the causes and treatments, in a basic but easy to swallow way. As I say, we have to hear each other out in order to talk about mental health. Let’s get people talking about it without feeling shame, let’s support each other and listen and give people the courage to get support and help, before it’s too late. Let’s change the statistics. #HearToTalk

This is just a hobby and not a business so I won’t be uploading blogs everyday I’m afraid! But stay tuned and I’ll do my best..


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